Month: April 2017

Hummus ‘Crisis’ Sheds Light on Secret World of Mass Food Production


After a brief recall, tubs are back on shelves. But have retailers learned a lesson about the wisdom of diversifying their supply chain? Inside a cluster of unremarkable industrial units off the A40 in west London is the epicentre of the 2017 told Food Quality News it believed the unusual flavour came from chickpeas imported […]

The Top 10 Mistakes Youll Make When Going Vegan


Two years ago, I couldnt imagine being vegan. I lived for string cheese, couldnt get enough steak when the opportunity presented itself, and thought grilled chicken could only be made better if made en masse. Then I started watching the documentaries on NetflixForks Over Knives, Food Choices, Cowspiracy.. too much evidence was presented on the […]