Meatless Meal Preparation – Quick Easy Recipes

Meatless Meal Preparation

Meatless meal preparation. Welcome to the first episode of meatless Mondays and I really wanted to do this because I get a ton of questions about the types of foods that I eat since I transitioned to becoming a vegetarian. so I’ve been vegetarian since March 12 of this year and when I first started I was eating heavy on like the cars a lot of beans lentils, just legumes in general, a lot of rice and even pasta and not that that is absolutely terrible for yoU. Because in the beginning of my journey it definitely worked but I’m learning that there are a ton of options out there and it’s so important to kind of stay open.

So I hope that this series kind of inspires you all even if you are vegetarian or even if you you know do eat meat or you are completely vegan you too can take a little bit of inspiration from this. And on today’s video we’re going to be doing like this time vegetable gyoza and I’m gonna have like a drizzle with some stir-fry. It’s gonna be really cute. I love it and when I shared it on Instagram you guys loved it so make sure you follow me on Instagram be sure to subscribe and join the family and give this video a thumbs up if you want to see more content like this and we can kind of make this like a regular part of the series.


So without further ado let’s get into it. This meal is super easy to prepare for and it’s all about the vegetables that you like to add to your stir-fry. I really like to bulk lines up and even though I like to use a lot of vegetables I chop them super thick and rough so they’re not fine and doesn’t take a lot of time and it really helps to keep the nutrient content and the vegetables during the cooking process so to start with the large pan on medium heat. I’m going to add about a tablespoon of avocado oil. This is one of my favorite oils to use as it’s a high heating oil and I’m going to add in my carrots broccoli and green beans.

Now I will say I highly recommend just allowing the greens to cook for about five to seven minutes on their own and then add in the carrots and the broccoli because the greens are a little bit more rigid and take a little bit more time to cook down. Now here I’m adding low sodium vegetable broth flavor your vegetables during the cooking process so that you don’t over use your glaze that we’re going to be making a little bit later. So flavor at every level is key but don’t go overboard especially if you use any form of like onion salt, garlic salt. You want to monitor that as much as possible and be modest if you can.

Add Garlic

Now I’m just giving the vegetables a stir you want to make sure that the oil and the seasoning aren’t evenly coating all of the vegetables you know keep that flavor cute. This is how the vegetables are coming along and it looks really good. I like the vibrant color and it still has that nice texture and crunch to it. Now after about 15 minutes or so, I like to add in the bell peppers and the red onions. These don’t take nearly as long to cook in they’re a bit softer in the exterior so again I like to keep that crunch as much as I can.

Lastly I’m gonna add some fresh garlic. I’m adding about almost two cloves but I’m gonna leave a little bit for our sauce or our drizzle later on and I’m gonna give this one last stir and I’m gonna remove it from the heat and cover it so that garlic really infuses into the vegetables.


Now for the star of the show are these Thai vegetable gyoza and they’re carbohydrate count is about 40 grams or 35 net grams of carbs so I’m going to kind of monitor my portions and have about four total you don’t really need to have 5. Trust me you will definitely be full and I’m just going to lightly fry these and a bit of avocado oil but be careful these can cook fast and I’m just going to put these off to the side and drain the excess oil and then we’re going to begin working on the drizzle or our sauce that goes on top.

So I highly recommend using coconut aminos as a non soy alternative I had to use Liquid aminos because that’s all I had I’m going to add about two tablespoons of water. Again we’re trying to dilute that sodium content and I’m adding things like sesame oil and oyster sauce which is honestly so . I love the flavor profile and I’m gonna add a bit of rice vinegar just for a little bit of acidity to help enhance the flavor and then I’m using coconut nectar to sweeten this.

Add low glycemic sweetner

This is a low glycemic sweetener I highly recommend it. It is a bomb and it’s such a healthier alternative to maple syrup. Next I’m adding ground ginger, a little bit of garlic powder and black pepper just to taste and a little bit of avocado oil and whisking this together and in the pan that we fried the guaze that I added a little bit of fresh garlic and I’m just going to add the sauce to the pan and after a few minutes with the pan on like medium heat you want to add in your cornstarch and water mixture and this is what’s going to help it to thicken.

Now you don’t want it to thicken it too much so you want to stir it and really be mindful and lower your heat if necessary because that will kind of speed up the cooking process and I had to add a little bit of water to loosen it and it’ll make it more of a loose consistency. So water is your friend in this instance if it gets too thick and I really like a consistency where it drizzles off of the spatula so once you’re about at this point I say we’re good to go and we can start pleading our dish now you guys know I really like presentation so I took about one and a half to two cups of vegetables which was a little bit much.

Finishing up

That was a lot, I couldn’t even finish but I added some sauteed spinach and I’m just going to drizzle the sauce right on top again this is a great way to monitor how much you know saucy you’re using usually you know I would just add the sauce and kind of like cook it on the vegetables directly but I’m trying to monitor how much I use and honestly the flavor profile of this is so good you don’t need a lot I’m telling you. I wouldn’t lie to here like honestly truly this is so good I figure as a deck it out again don’t go overboard because again you should have some leftovers with this.

Okay so this is how it looks. I love, like I love everything about it and it tastes good and it feels good and I just love that this is super quick and easy and if you’re someone on the go trust me you have options and I’m just showing you guys that it’s simply easy to just pack up your leftovers and if you want to you can also pack up the sauce and again just recreate this dish. All you have to do is take about eight to ten minutes to prepare the us and you’re good to go so thank you guys so much for watching now that I’ve completed the meal I hope you guys enjoy but I want you all to vote on what dish you want to see me create in the upcoming video so we want to keep this going.

Enjoy and share your tips

Now’s the time let me know but um yeah stay motivated continue to shop and be wise about your spending buying bulk if you have to because being a vegetarian does not mean that it has to be expensive so you know let’s give each other some of our best money-saving tips let’s make this work let’s make this more than food like you know affordable healthy eating.

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