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Indulge in Meatless Meals for a Healthy Living

With the mounting growth in numbers of diet conscious people in the world, it is but natural that the concept and implementation of meatless meals be on the rise. Needless to say there is an array of health benefits associated with meatless meals and hence, an increasing number of people are resorting to them. With an aim to promote the concept of meatless meals various initiatives have been launched and one such unique initiative is the concept of Meatless Monday. As the very name implies, Meatless Monday is the practice of abstaining oneself from consuming meat every Monday or let’s say once in a week.

In this diet conscious age many Americans have embraced this concept to pave the way for good health. A study shows that over the last 10 years the, sale of vegetables has doubled whereas the consumption of meat is down by 12%.

Health Benefits of Plant-Based Diet or Meatless Meals

A plant-based diet is known to have a more positive effect on the health than meat based diet. This is because:

• People who indulge in plant-based diet are consuming less fat, less calories.
• They have lower risk of developing diabetes, coronary artery disease, ovarian cancer, obesity, high blood pressure, and breast cancers and also have a lower risk of heart diseases.
• They are at a lower risk of an early death.
• Plant based diets are affluent in vitamins, fiber, iron, and other such nutrients.
• Plant based diet is rich in dietary fiber.

Health Hazards of Meat-Based Foods

There are certain health hazards of a Meat-Based Diet:

• Meat-based foods are known to be high in protein, which in turn means a higher risk of early death. As per the study and report of the National Cancer Institute in a study of 500,000 people those who ate more than 113grams of meat on a daily basis were more likely to die during a span of 10 years than those who do not consume meat or have fewer amounts.
• Meat-based foods mean at a higher risk of developing high blood pressure, heart diseases, gall bladder problems, kidney problems, eczema, arthritis, paralysis, tuberculosis, constipation etc.
• Meat based foods are known to weaken the bones.
• People who indulge in meat-based meals are more susceptible to anger, restlessness, hastiness and anxiety.
• They are known to cause nervous diseases and cancer.

Variations of Meatless Meals

Meatless meals call for greater variations in food types. With a range of ingredients that are available youcan surely broaden your culinary skills and make healthy meatless meal dishes. Fruits, vegetables, legumes, beans, seeds, nuts and whole grains are the staple foods that comprise a good, healthy and a proper vegetarian diet. A little culinary skill can help youindulge in such variations as sushi, Mediterranean tapas, vegetable soups, vegetarian pizza, vegetarian pasta, tofu recipes, vegetable sandwich, burgers, tempeh recipes, vegetarian appetizers andmeatless curries

How to get started?

It is not easy to become a veggie overnight. You do need a lot of determination and patience to become a vegetarian. The idea is to start slowly. You can initially start with the concept of Meatless Monday and then proceed slowly to increase your Meatless Days.

Healthy eating is the key to a healthy living. Many have already embraced the concept of meatless meals. Its time for you to accept it too!