Paneer Pahadi

Paneer Pahadi

Paneer is one of the most loved vegetarian food items

Paneer recipes are always delightful. Every recipe has its own unique taste. As paneer is one of the most loved food items among most vegetarians, it is cooked in so many different ways. We all agree that adding fresh herbs is the simplest way to transform an ordinary dish into an extraordinary one. So, here is a paneer recipe for you made with fresh green herbs for a delightful meal.
Paneer pahadi, as the name suggests, belongs to the hilly regions of India. This vegetarian recipe is prepared using a combination of fresh coriander and mint leaves. This coriander-mint combination is extremely flavourful. It imparts a greenish touch to the dish and makes it irresistibly delicious.
The dish is first roasted and then cooked in a green gravy. Paneer pahadi is a must-try item at home, especially when you have guests coming in. Try out this recipe of paneer pahadi and treat yourself with this sumptuous delight.

Serves: 3
Preparation time: 20 minutes
Cooking time: 20 minutes
Paneer- 200 gms (cut into big cubes)
Capsicum- 1 (diced)
Onion- 1 (diced)
Mint leaves- ¼ cup (chopped)
Coriander leaves- 2tbsp (chopped)
Cornflour- 1tbsp
Green chillies- 4
Garlic- 4 cloves
Yoghurt- 2tbsp
Salt- as per taste
Coriander powder- 1tsp+1tsp
Cumin powder- 1tsp+ 2tsp
Chat masala- 1tsp+2tsp
Tandoori masala- 1tsp
Black pepper powder- ½ tsp
Red chilli powder- ½ tsp
Oil- 4tbsp

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1. Grind the mint leaves, coriander leaves, chillies, garlic, coriander powder, cumin powder, yogurt and salt together in a mixer into a thick paste. Keep half of this paste aside.
2. Mix the cornflour, tandoori masala, chat masala, black pepper powder and red chilli powder with the rest half of the paste.
3. Marinate paneer, capsicum and onion with this paste. Now, arrange them on skewers. Refrigerate for 20 minutes.
4. Heat two tablespoon of oil in a pan and after 20 minutes, grill the paneer on medium flame till all the sides turn golden brown and the vegetables get cooked.
5. Once done, transfer them to a plate and keep it aside.
6. Heat two tablespoon of oil in a pan and add the rest of the mint paste and sauté till it changes colour.
7. Add two teaspoon of cumin powder, one teaspoon of chat masala and coriander powder. Mix well and cook for 3-4 minutes.
8. Pour this gravy on the cooked paneer skewers and serve.
Paneer pahadi is ready to be served. Enjoy this special paneer recipe with rotis.
Nutritional Value
Paneer pahadi is a highly nutritious recipe. It contains mint and coriander leaves with very little spices. It is a good option for weight watchers.
Paneer can be grilled in microwave-oven or OTG. The easiest way is the stove top method. Turn on the gas. Keep the flame medium. Hold the skewer a few inches above the flame. Keep turning the skewer to roast paneer and vegetables evenly.

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