Taste Testing 3 Green Proseccos, For Research Purposes Of Course

Welcome to Earth Day, where we save the world by drinking! To continue on our superhero saving from yesterday, lets dive in to some bubbly Prosecco!

ZONIN1821s limited-edition Dress Code Collection is your new fav bottle to pop when you wanna celebrate something like the shut down of the TPP. If you dont know what that is, ask a hippie. ZONIN1821 practices ecologically sustainable viticulture, which basically means that literally everything they do is safe for the environment, socially equitable and feasible financially. So like, a win, win, win. They use green manure AND solar energy, so you know theyre super dedicated even though the Proseccos are not technically vegan.

The three Proseccos come in grey, white, and black, and theyre each totes diff. here we go:

The Grey: Tastes like a fruity Pinot Grigio with the scent of a typical Prosecco: peaches and summer fruit. Super smooth and almost minerally but, like, in a good way.
The White: Tastes super floral but stays crisp like a great Prosecco should. This is a good sipping and feelin FRESH Prosecco.
The Black: Silky, almost has a creamy taste and vanilla notes. This reminded us of a Pinot Noir but like, in a Prosecco kind of way. Desserty, if you arent into dessert/are into drinking.

Drink with: You can pair any of these with some nice vegan or vegetarian entrees. Prosecco goes great with aged Gouda or sharp blue cheese for an appetizer. Wrap some honeydew melon in prosciutto and that shit will go great, too. If you like, need carbs, go lighta linguine tossed with butter and sage is all you should be having. Sushi and vegetarian Thai curries and stir fry go great, too.

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We hope youve enjoyed this Earth Day with lots of alcohol, veggies, and trees.

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